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Cheap Shot: Popple

In Popple, a random rainbow of colored bubbles pours from the top of the screen, like you’ve upended a huge box of Skittles. The goal is to seek out and pop a specific sequence of colors, quickly and repeatedly, before the curtain literally drops on your game. Oh, and the pattern is constantly shifting, too.

It’s curtains for you, Bugsy!

It’s a tough game that requires eagle-eyed concentration. There’s nothing relaxing about it, and we’re not sure we’d really call it fun, either. Dizzying is a better description.

Getting through hard mode, where the patterns go all the way up to five colors, feels like a major triumph of coordination– running a six-minute mile while rubbing your stomach, patting your head, and reciting the alphabet backwards. In Arabic.

So, Popple costs $1.99 for three fairly quick difficulty modes, an endless mode, and no online high scoring. It’s an interesting concept, but that seems pricey to us, given the number of bubble-poppers floating around the App Store these days.

GDC 2009: Popple Hands-On

We just met up with new iPhone developer GoPlay Games to check out Popple, the company’s flagship effort on the App Store.

Popple is an interesting hybrid between bubble-poppers like Jawbreaker and Simon Says. Multicolored bubbles flow randomly from the top of the screen to the bottom; your job is to find a given color sequence in the mess and pop it with your finger. For instance, the indicator at the top of the screen might tell you red, yellow, blue, and you have to quickly find and pop the right bubbles in that order.

It’s tougher than it sounds–in fact, we felt like it gave off a bit of brain-training vibe. The requirements change every so often, so you have to stay on your toes and keep glancing at the top of the screen for your assignment. You can set up bonus multipliers by going on a run, or swipe across the screen to hit a bunch of like-colored bubbles at once for a combo. If you start missing bubbles, a curtain will gradually lower from the top of the screen, cutting down on the viewable area and making your job even tougher.

Popple has three progressively unlockable difficulty modes, as well as an Endurance mode. We should be seeing it sometime in April for $2.99.