PopAR Soccer Puzzle

Puzzles have never been as exciting as they will be with PopAR’s Soccer Puzzle! Put together your soccer puzzle and then watch it come to life! Don’t have a puzzle? Play for FREE off a dollar bill! Be the star of the soccer championship with a full-fledged mobile soccer game, or challenge your friends in some competitive multiplayer mini-game madness! Grab power-ups in both modes that freeze the enemy goalie, make you run at lighting speeds, grow the ball to monster sizes, and much more! After the game is over, compare game-statistics and check out the high-score page to see who out of all your friends is the Soccer Champion!

This is the augmented reality companion game for our new puzzle, the PopAR Soccer Puzzle!

•Game is played in Augmented Reality using the PopAR Soccer Puzzle.
•Have fun building a puzzle, then use the puzzle as the playing field for this game!
•Simple, easy to play controls using a joystick or simple touch input.
•Challenge your friends and play with up to 2 people!
• Ages 5+ to 99
• Are you left handed? Flip the joystick controls around in the options menu for a custom play experience!
• 2 highly detailed environments with great art and authentic soccer sound effects to lose yourself in!
• Get up and move around your puzzle for a better view of the game!
• Fun, yet challenging game play. Play for 30 seconds or 30 minutes improving your skills and finding NEW ways to play.
Will you bring home the trophy?

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