PopAR Princess Puzzle

Popar Princess Puzzle is an Augmented Reality dress design experience!

What are Popar® Toys?
Popar® Toys uses Augmented Reality (AR) to create an immersive 3D playing experience that will
allow the user to see their toys come alive with incredible virtually “real” 3D objects, animations,
and interactions. Popar® Toys are designed to change the way we interact and experience stories,
adventures, and learning.

What is Augmented Reality?
Popar® Toys Augmented Reality (AR) is a ground breaking concept that uses a mobile/smart device
and special Popar® products to make amazing 3D objects and animations appear in the real world that
provide a high degree of engaging educational fun that maintain interests in all the Popar® Toys series.

This is an Augmented Reality application. Just print out one of these images:



Take excitement to the next level with the Popar® Princess Puzzle: have fun building the puzzle and then use it as your very own fashion studio! Make a pretty princess of your very own! This Augmented Reality dress designer game is the NEW way to play dress-up. Get ready to be the hottest new designer in the fashion industry, as you dress-up your Princesses from head to toe in glamourous gowns, stunning hair styles, pretty patterns and countless colors. Do you have what it takes to become the lead stylist for all the princesses?

Design a pretty princess of your own with or without the puzzle, but you must have a Popar® Princess Puzzle for the Augmented Reality “Play In Your Environment Mode” of this game.

-Have fun building a puzzle, the use the puzzle as the playing field for your princess!
-Simple, easy to play one-touch controls.
-Ages 5+
-Make your very own princess by changing her face, skin, hair, and outfit then give her a pretty princess name!
-Two modes of play: dress-up your princess in a glamourous outfit customized to your liking, or play with your princess on top of the puzzle!
-Hundreds of customizations, and thousands of color combinations!
-After you design your princess, now it’s time to play! Make her dance at the disco, watch fireworks, take a walk in the rain, play at the beach, and much more!
-Different environments change the world around you and your princess!
-Fun and creative game play. Play for 30 seconds or 30 minutes improving your design and finding NEW ways to accessorize your princess.

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