PopAR Basketball Puzzle

Puzzles have never been as exciting as they will be with PopAR’s Basketball Puzzle! Put together your basketball puzzle and then watch it come to life! Travel around the world as an Basketball All-Star in search of hidden basketball hoops in destructible, everyday environments! You’ll be able to destroy an office building, a back alley, a rooftop, and much more in your search for the hidden hoops! Challenge your friends compete to be the best! Make each hoop and earn 3 stars in each level to become a true Basketball All-Star!

This is the companion game for our new puzzle, the PopAR Basketball Puzzle!

•Game is played in Augmented Reality using the PopAR Basketball Puzzle.
•Have fun building a puzzle, then use the puzzle as the playing field for this game!
•Simple, easy to play one-touch controls
•Challenge your friends and play with up to 4 people!
• Ages 5+ to 99
•Want a bigger challenge? Turn off the ball target and helper arrows in the options!
• 9 highly detailed levels with great art and sound effects to lose yourself in!
• Receive a rating at the end of each level. Try to get 3 stars in all of them!
• Get up and move around your puzzle for a better view of the game!
• Fun, yet challenging game play. Play for 30 seconds or 30 minutes improving your skills and finding NEW ways to play.
• Game is played in Augmented Reality using the PopAR Basketball Puzzle.

Good luck, All-Star!

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