Pop & Up

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Help this cute boy flying into the sky!

Pop as many balloons as you can within given time, and let him go up to the sky.

You can compete with your facebook friends weekly basis!

■■■■■■■■ How to play ■■■■■■■■

1) Connect Balloons!
▶ Connect more than three balloons of the same kind, and make them pop! Play time will be extended little by little as you connect more and more balloons.

2) Pop Coin Balloons!
▶ You can collect coins by popping coin balloons. Coins help you buy items.

3) Pop Rocket Bombs!
▶ Rocket bomb gauge will be filled up as you pop more balloons. As soon as the gauge is full, one balloon will change to rocket bomb. Tap the rocket bomb, and it will pop all the ballons in the same vertical line.

4) Pop Item Balloons!
▶ Item balloons are special balloons that help the boy fly higher more easily.
▶ Bomb Balloon : All the balloons in the same line will pop together
▶ Ice Balloon : Time freezes for a certain amount of time
▶ Dart Balloon : All the red, blue, green balloons pop together

5) Combo & Fever mode
▶ Popping the balloons in a row within short time leads you into combo mode
▶ Achieving 5 combos will trigger fever mode, and your boy will do horse dance
▶ Surrounding balloons will pop together in a fever mode

6) Biscuit
▶ One game play requires one biscuit
▶ Biscuit will be recharged in a certain amount of time
▶ Biscuit will be given as a present whenever you invite your friends on facebook
▶ You can give one biscuit to your friends everyday


Enjoy Pop & Up!
(Optimized for iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPhone4S, and iPhone5)

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