Pop The Pepper Free

Pop all the peppers on the screen in this simple, addicting, and stimulating puzzle game.

Touch a single pepper and start a chain reaction which clears all adjacent, connected peppers. Touch a bomb to pop all neighboring peppers of any color.

As you progress, new pepper types emerge including: flashing peppers, customizable peppers, and even black hole peppers which engulf everything around them!

This innovative, new game will challenge your puzzle solving skills and keep you busy popping peppers!

★ 10 types of peppers
★ 108 unique levels, each increasing in difficulty
★ Vibrant colors & engaging backgrounds
★ Melodic, modern sounds encourage success
★ Mentally stimulating
★ Realistic 2D physics based simulation
★ Suitable and challenging for all ages
★ Universal app: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
★ Works on iOS 4.0+
★ Game center support
★ Hints and tips provided


Note: If you are downloading for iPad or iPod Touch then go to Settings->Sounds and turn on “Change with Buttons” if you want to be able to control the volume of the game!


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