Pop N' Slide

Meet Popper the Penguin in his brand new game, Pop N’ Slide. Popper is hungry and has a craving for some fish…but tragically discovers his fridge is empty!

NOTE: Some users are experiencing problems with Popper on the newest iOS version. We are working to fix the problem! It does not seem to effect most devices.

Will you help Popper slide and jump his way around the world to find some delicious fish to eat? Be warned…you’ll have to help Popper navigate through cold, dreary ice caves, a bustling forest, the big city, even the clouds and beyond!

You’ll have to use logic, skill and your split-second reflexes to help Popper complete challenging objectives as he builds his tiny igloo into a towering ice castle! The adventure never ends and challenges you even more as you help Popper eat more and more fish.

Pop N’ Slide features:

– Fun “one-touch” arcade gameplay that is easy to learn, tough to master

– Rich, detailed graphics, animations and effects that bring Popper to life

– 100% randomly generated gameplay…never play the same game twice

– Skillfully use your quick reflexes to overcome challenging objectives

– Upgrade Popper’s home from a modest igloo to a towering ice mansion

– Adventure through unlimited levels (what level can YOU reach?)

– Collect enough fish without missing one to activate Fish Frenzy

– Show off your high scores on Facebook for bragging rights

– Unlock helpful secret abilities and bonuses as you play

Woosh, slide and pop your way through ever-changing levels for hours, weeks and months of never-ending fun! The only question is…how far can you take Popper on his never-ending quest for fish?

Download Pop N’ Slide now for only 99 cents on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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