Pop and Drop

Get ready for fast paced bubble popping action!

Enjoy a refreshing twist on color matching in this highly addictive puzzle game.

Click on the adjacent bubbles with the same color in order to clear them. Don’t let the bubbles overflow to the top or it’s game over. Come play and take the high score challenge!

✓ Simple and fun bubble popping
✓ Highly polished graphics and physics
✓ Tons of special power ups
✓ Increasingly challenging gameplay
✓ Endless hours of play!

★★★★★ “Addictive!! This game is super simple and I love it!”
- Luv2steph3

★★★★★ “Incredibly fun and fresh puzzle game. Great for killing a minute or an hour.”
- PJparker

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A Facebook account is not required to play Pop and Drop. However, you may sign in with one to use your Facebook profile pic and invite your friends. Pop and Drop does not post or access your Facebook feeds. 

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