Poohead, also known as Karma, S**thead, Idiot and Palace, is the cult card game played universally around the world by travellers, friends and colleagues alike.

In Poohead there are no winners, there is only a loser. The last person left in the game becomes the Poohead and remains as the Poohead until they pass on the title to the next loser.

Configurable rules allow you to customise Poohead to the version of S**thead you know and play! Choose from the following wildcards and options:

– Reset pile
– Pick up pile
– Clear pile
– Lower than
– Reverse direction
– Skip a go
– Mirror card
– Glass card (also known as ghost card)

– Play single cards of same rank even when multiple cards in hand
– Always allow pick up pile

Play at anytime against the CPU in 2, 3 and 4 player modes. Hone your skills and be sure never to end up as the Poohead again!

Intuitive interface gives an immersive card playing experience. If you like to play this card game then you’ll love this app.

* customisable rules
* strong computer AI
* free!

Features coming soon:
– Online multiplayer against other Poohead enthusiasts

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