ponies and memory game

Available in:
English – french – Italian – German – Swedish – Dutch – Spanish – Polish – Czech – Portuguese


If you like ponies and memory games, this game is for you. Warning this game is for adults. This is an ideal game for the train and wait for transport.

The game consists of pairs of identical cards with illustrations. You have a few seconds to memorize the position of each pair of playing cards. A playing card is returned, you have three chances to find the playing card that matches it.

Game type: casual game – memory game

At each level you pass you get a beautiful image of pony who joins your collection. You can release up to 20 pictures through 20 levels of play

The difficulty is dosed according to your ability.

– Memory game simple and fun on the theme of the ponies
– Three levels of difficulty
– Intuitive and simple interface
– Automatic backup of progression.
– Progress rewarded with 20 pictures of ponies available in the collection
– 20 levels to accomplish

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