Pond Hopper


Overcome obstacles and beat the bullies to conquer the pond in this exciting puzzle game!

As the largest frog in the pond, all you’re trying to do is get back to your lily pad, if only these smaller frogs and bully dragonflies would get out of your way!

The object of this easy to learn and quick to play puzzle game is to hop over the characters on the board in order to get the large green frog to the lily pad with the lotus flower. Try to accomplish this goal in the lowest possible number of moves for each level, then share your success in the Game Center, on Facebook or Twitter.

With 5 increasingly difficult ponds featuring 125 different levels, you can briefly exercise your mind or pass the time while waiting in line, or pick up anytime for longer play.


Available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
5 ponds with 125 different levels, increasing in difficulty as you go
Enjoyable and easy game play
Replay option for each level
Game Center enabled
Incredible graphics
Optimized for retina display
Interesting characters, sound effects, and soundtrack make game play fun
Great for players of all ages!

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Twitter: @shawnsbits

Level 1-1
Move the large frog on the right, Sonny, to the left, over the small frog.

Level 1-2
Move the large frog on the bottom left, Sonny, up to the lotus flower over the two smaller frogs.

Level 1-3
Move the small frog on the left to the right.
Move the large frog on the right, Sonny, left to the lotus flower.

Level 1-4
Move the dragon fly to the right.
Move the small frog on the right to the left, over the dragon fly and other small frog.
Move the large frog on the bottom, Sonny, up to the lotus flower.

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