PolyWords with Pals

Play PolyWords with your friends.

Takes word searching into a new dimension.

The first truly unique twist on word search in the App Store. Don’t settle for searching for words in a two-dimensional plane like other word games; find words on a variety of three-dimensional polyhedra! The Deluxe removes advertising.

PolyWords includes a comprehensive dictionary of over 150,000 words.

You’ll love PolyWords if you’ve enjoyed other word games such as Scrabble, Words with Friends, TapWord, Jumble, Bookworm, iScramble, Worded Pro, Word Popper, Wordulous, Worded, Word Tower, Word Whirl, Word Dash, Zipword, Moxie, WordSearch, Boggle, Word Scramble, WordFu, or Word Wrap.

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