Polterballz is a test of your skill and your memory. It’s simple enough to play during spare moments between other tasks, but it’s difficult enough to challenge you and give you a reason to keep coming back.You can compete against your friends for high scores and the best level time (free Game Center registration required), and see how far you can get through all of the 20 levels.

The Story so Far: You have been trapped in the subterranean caverns of doom by an The Orange Nasty, but you have found a way to escape using a blue spirit orb. You must guide your spirit orb along the narrow path that floats above the barren cavern floor below. Only your reflexes and judgement will enable you to succeed. You can control your orb by ‘Tilt to Play’ (tilting the phone to roll the orb around) or ‘Touch to play’ (the orb will follow your finger on screen).

The orb can only exist for a limited time on each level and you will face resistance from the other orbs that dwell here. Are you up to the challenge? You have three orb lives and if you fail, you will be cast back into the pit of doom and will have to try to escape again. There are no maps of the caverns, so you will have to discover the route as you go and remember it (in case you are cast back down).

You can now buy unlimited lives through in-app purchases

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