Pollinator HD Lite

This is a free version of Pollinator HD. Get more levels by purchasing the full version.


It’s a marvellous summer’s day, but there is no time for a relaxing afternoon in the sun for these hardworking honey bees. Your bees must harvest pollen from flowers and bring it back to the hive. Hungry dragonflies make their journey rather perilous though, so they’ll be relying on you to guide them safely on their flight…

Welcome to Pollinator; a simple touch-based game available for iPad (iPhone & iPod Touch versions coming soon).


“The illustrations are really well done and the game play for children is inviting and easy to navigate in this touch-based iPad app…The game is fun and allows you to reach different levels of play by achieving new high scores and collecting stars.”



Game features
*Easy to learn: Simply draw paths with your fingers to direct your bees to flowers and back to the hive. Squish dragonflies by touching them with your fingers.

*Enjoy 2 different modes of play:

– Story mode: Follow Buzz on his journey as he tries to harvest as much pollen as he can for the hive. Reach objectives whilst racing against the clock!

– Survival mode: Collect as much pollen as you can without losing a bee. How long can you survive?

*Lots of variety: Plenty of different types of levels make Pollinator always feel fresh and exciting!

*Steady learning curve: New elements are introduced slowly over time and Buzz explains all the instructions clearly to the player.

*Challenging: Collect stars by achieving new high scores!

*Cute and colorful: Bright, friendly artwork and soundtrack make Pollinator a perfect game for children.

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