FoLaWo™ – Polenglish
Follows on from FoLaWo™ – Valentine ESL app, but is purely focused on the Polish/English languages and is designed for you to take advantage of “down time” (subway, bus, waiting time) and use that time to develop your language skills – while solving one of over 100,000 unique puzzles!
For those who love word puzzles – it’s a new challenge and a bonus in one package as you test your spelling/ deciphering skills and develop some foreign vocabulary all at the same time.

This app can be used by an English speaker learning Polish, or an Polish speaker learning English.

There are many ways to use it as well!
1) you can choose to solve your native language ( 1st Lang) using the learning language (2nd Lang) as clues – thereby testing your recall of the meaning of the 2nd Lang.

2) choose to solve the learning language (2nd Lang) using the 1st Lang as clues – this will help expand your foreign language vocabulary, foreign literacy skills.

3) 3 different play modes allow you to place emphasis on the language, or the puzzle. You can choose to focus on language vocabulary/literacy building (Easy mode) or focus on solving the actual puzzle (Hard mode). Medium mode just fills the gap in-between.

There is also the ability to change to Easy mode from Medium/Hard if you get stuck.

In the end, no matter which game mode you choose, there is still a need to use your language knowledge to solve the puzzle, thus allowing you to practice your foreign language skills.

It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen – FoLaWo™ is a language learning accessory. If your actively learning English/Polish – it can help you practice when not in class. If your not actively learning – it’s a quick and easy way to practice your memory recall of Polish/English words and maybe learn some new words.

FoLaWo™ is much like you using an online computer translator to find a Polish/English word – except you don’t have to be connected to play FoLaWo™ and it’s a game, hopefully a fun game – but definitely a challenging game!

Fo La Wo.

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