“Easy to lose one’s self into for brief or extended session, it’s got the casual card gaming market down well.” –, 4/5 stars

PokerTower is a game where Poker meets Match-3 puzzle and only makes one! In this game, your task is to do the best score possible by matching different cards, on a 4×5 grid, to make a combination of poker hands. Multiple game modes are here for you to have hours and hours of intense fun, such as :

-Time Attack : In 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 minutes, you must do the best score possible! No Restriction.
-Tower Mode : Each time you score points, a row is added at the bottom of the screen. Don’t let the cards reach the top or it’s game over!
-Survival Mode : This RPG-like game mode puts you against multiple enemies that deals you damage after a certain amount of turn, and you must survive the longer possible! It’s a non-stop chaos!!!
-Challenge Mode : With only a deck of 52 regular cards, you must do the best score possible!
-Versus Mode : Play against someone else in this survival turn-by-turn mode!

Features :
-5 game modes (and more to come!!)
-Perfect for “Pick-Up-And-Play” and casual gamers!
-Full statistic screen allowing you to check every stats the game register about your progress!
-Full Step-By-Step tutorial to teach you the basics of the game
-Help screen helping you to understand more advanced features of the game!
-Game Center Integration to let you compete against other players with 10 leaderboards and more than 18 achievements!
-Big Finger Option : Avoid unwanted touches!
-No IAP : You buy the game once, you play it forever!

Have fun and don’t forget to review!!!

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