Improve your Texas Holdem’ game using the Poker Outs Trainer.

Deal yourself a hand and flop, and then count the number of cards that will improve your hand above your opponents on the turn. With a random card generator, you can quickly and easily test yourself to improve your Poker Out counting skills and speed.

This app will help you to practice:
– Recognising potential for good hands quickly
– Quickly identifying how many outs would put your cards into a certain hand
– Quickly identifying how many outs would put your cards above what your guess your opponents hand to be
– Convert your outs into probability ratios
– Convert your pot into ratios

Once you have learnt the above basics, additional exercises will help to put all these skills together so you can quickly identify if you should play a hand or not!

Please note: This app is for outs practice only, it does not teach out what outs are.

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