PokerFun Remote

The PokerFun Remote app acts as a remote control for the PokerFun TV app (Tv app available on GoogleTV and even your computer.) You can play by yourself, with friends around your TV, or with friends all around the world. Watch the game unfold on the TV screen as you make all your plays from your mobile device (iOS and Android devices supported). The last player left standing is the PokerFun winner. Do you feel lucky?

Mobile App Features:
You swipe your mobile device to deal cards in real-time to all the players. Watch the cards appear on the TV app (poker table). What else does the PokerFun Mobile app let you do? Cards are dealt to the mobile devices tap to flip them over or peel to take a peek. Make your bets from your mobile, change your avatar and put a martini in your hand, put on a poker face and then put glasses over it, chat with all the players or smoke a stogie. You can even make your avatar growl or snore (depending on how you feel about the other players.) We could go on and on but just download the app and see for yourself.

Why do I need a TV Code?
The PokerFun mobile app acts a remote control for the PokerFun TV app. The TV code connects the two devices giving you a unique online poker experience.

To get a TV code you’ll need to start the PokerFun TV app.

You can run the TV application on GoogleTV, from your computer or on most Internet enabled screens.

Simply open in a web browser to start the TV app.

Next start a room. Once you choose your settings and select start, your very own private poker table will be created. A 4 digit TV code will appear on the bottom left side of the screen. Use this code to connect your mobile device. You can even share this code with your friends. They can connect their TV and mobile apps to your poker table and play with you!

Now have some PokerFun!

It’s not that complicated….You can handle it!

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