Poker X Solitaire

Sat Back Entertainment is proud to present: Poker X Solitaire!

Poker X Solitaire is a dynamic hybrid of poker and solitaire built for iPhone and iPod Touch!

Race against the clock in this fun and addicting twist on poker. Burn through the deck forming 5-card hands out of the 10 cards that are dealt out. Make it through all 10 hands to claim your bonus points and continue to the next round. Test your skill and strategy on 6 different paytables!

Poker X Solitaire features bold and crisp graphics for the iPhone, exciting, ORIGINAL gameplay and 6 different games! The statistics keep track of best score in each of the games, including what round was completed, as well as a cumulative score for fierce competition with your friends!

Poker X Solitaire is also a great way to practice for your favorite poker game. It is an excellent test of keeping track of the cards played as well as cards remaining. Please enjoy our game! Thanks for checking us out!

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