Poker Trackmate

Poker Trackmate is tracking software designed for the casual Texas Hold ‘em Poker player, but can also be used by more advanced players to track their sessions with friends or even online sessions. Poker Trackmate frees up your time so you can concentrate on your Poker game.

Now optimised for the new iPad (iPad 3).

Features include:

* Track the playing results of you and your friends
* Show the results from multiple sessions based on date ranges
* Track Winning Hand combinations, Pocket Pairs dealt, Pre-flop raises and All Ins from individual players.
* Add a photo for each player.
* Change or add new players mid session.
* Buy-ins (the total of chips bought during the session) and Cash Outs (total amount of chips remaining at the end of the session) are used to calculate Profit/Loss for the session
* Email the results from a session (or a range of sessions) to yourself and the other players who participated as an Excel document
* Adjust Buy In amounts and other settings from the Options area

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