Poker Timer Dealer Button

This iPhone / iTouch Poker Timer manages your Texas Holdem Poker game(s). Keep track of Small and Big blinds, Round Times, Break Times, required Minimum Bets, Blind Increments, individual check/bet/fold alarm, remaining players in the game, total chips on table, average player chip stack, minimum pot size (includes Antes and Blinds), player antes, player buy backs.

– Customizable Big and Small Blinds
– Round Times
– Break Times
– Required Minimum Bets
– Blind Increments
– Player Check/Bet/Fold Timer
– Remaining Players left in the game
– Total Chips on the Table
– Average Player Chip Stack
– Minimum Pot Size (includes Antes and Blinds)
– Player Antes
– Number of Player Buy Backs
– Sounds when Blinds are raised.
– Sounds when a Break is finished.
– Start and Stop Rounds.

Q – what if my phone rings during the tournement? Will it quit the program, pause, or run in the background?
A – If a call is accepted the app will be closed then relaunched when the call is finished. However the timers previous state is maintained. Simply hit the return button and the timer will resume from where you previously were.

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