Poker Shark

Poker Shark is a No Limit Texas Hold’em poker trainer focused on the mathematics of the game.

You are presented with a variety of practical poker questions. Pick the best answer presented to you and receive immediate feedback. Scenarios are generated as you go, so you always have new problems to solve.

Poker Shark offers training categories in:
* counting outs to hit draws
* knowing probabilities for flush and straight draws
* determining pot odds as a ratio
* determining pot odds as a percentage
* counting card combinations
* bet sizing against draws

The Shark Tips feature provides an overview of each topic with relevant examples and advice.

Routinely thinking about and solving these problems makes mathematical thinking a natural part of your game. With regular use, you’ll find yourself automatically counting card combinations and sizing your bets with confidence. Internalizing these concepts frees your mind for hand reading, varying your lines, and meta-game concepts.

Set the blinds to levels you’re accustomed to playing, or push the stakes higher to become comfortable with larger bet sizes. A graph is available to chart your progress over time.

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