♥♥♥ POKER K ♥♥♥

When darkness falls and casino is lit up, the heart of the Poker K gets fired.
Challenge, the true poker emperor Poker K.

Dazzling graphics, hot dial bettings and in addition to that, even an exciting slot game!!
Try Poker K if you’re a real poker mania.

♥Stages in Poker K are up to 50 floors.
Challenge each stage and have all other players busted out, then you win that stage.
Higher floor has different betting scale and higher-level players.
You can move to upper floor one by one, or choose any floor you want to challenge.

♥Every time you have a player busted out, you get mini-slot chance for winning gold.
Have all other players busted out in one stage and win the prize money. You will have red light in that floor in the casino tower on main screen.

You become a true poker K if you lighten all floors.

♥Another fun, Big Slot!!
Pull the lever and get a chance for winning gold.
Real chance of winning lots of gold! Great fun of Big Slot is another attraction of Poker K!

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