Poker: JetSpri Poker HD

★★★★★Bet Your Way to Hold’em Victory★★★★★
◇ Listed in the “TOP 5 Casino Games” rankings of five countries
◇ Featured in the “What’s Hot” section of the casino game app stores in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, Japan, and other countries

★Features in Jetspri Poker (Texas Hold’em)★
◇ Play poker with 10 million registered users across platforms
◇ No limits in raises, go all-in and grab victory
◇ Login every day and get up to 100K FREE poker chips, earn achievements and get even more!
◇ VIP quality game play with human dealer voices and full screen graphics
◇ Daily tournaments of varying levels for every type of competitor
◇ Large variety of emoticons for realistic in-game interactions

★Additional Notes★
◇ Register as a new user and get FREE poker chips
◇ New users can also register using alternative login sites such as Facebook and etc.

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