Poker Friends

Nothing like a poker night with your friends. Problem is, everybody’s just so busy all the time.

Well, now you can grab a seat next to them without having to set up a time, or even be online together. Just create a table on Poker Friends, choose who you want to play with and when the first player joins – It’s game time, baby!

* Create tournaments or cash game tables with your real friends!
* Play as many games as you want simultaneously
* Never miss a hand with push notification notices
* Trash talk your way to victory with in-game, group chat messaging
* Collect badges & achievements to win free chips
* Choose between 1 to 3 hours time limit for each turn.

If you’re the first of the bunch to join Poker Friends – Don’t worry. once you’ll create a table, the app will automatically “sit” your friends at the table and send them invites.That’s just how we roll.

So grab a seat and get ready to show your friends who’s the Ace in the Place, Because you know what they say – “There’s winning a big poker hand, and there’s winning a big poker hand and getting to rub it in your best friends’ faces”.
Yeah, by “they” we mean us.

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