Poker Brain X

Tired of being pushed around by big casinos, soaked for everything you have? Don’t play like a putz: play like the pros. Educate yourself! Fight back with Poker Brain X.

Poker Brain X is the unsurpassed, full-featured multi-game video poker simulator and training tool. Learn to beat the odds, then put your skills to the test!

Poker Brain X calculates probabilities on-the-fly to show you the likely outcome for every possible play. You pick the best move, you stretch your casino dollar!

How does a complimentary hotel suite sound? All-you-can-eat lobster buffet? How about a Rolls-Royce Mansory Phantom Conquistador or Bugatti Veyron 16.4 “on the house”? Poker Brain X’s got your back.

• Multiple games provide hours of entertainment. Master the bizarre intricacies of Triple Bonus Poker. Never get bored!
• Challenge Mode tests your ability to beat the machine! Can you achieve Perfect Play?
• Enforcer Mode forces you to play perfectly or not play at all!
• Lab Rat Mode lets you sit back and relax. Play your best, automatically!
• Training Mode shows you the best play for every hand. Educational!
• Clean, sophisticated layout: easy on the eyes, easy on the brain!
• The power of Combinatorics: Higher Math, put to work for you!
• Winning cards held automatically, so you don’t have to!
• Soothing, hypnotic audio puts you “in the zone!”
• Unlimited credits, no nagging to buy more!
• Play 1 to 5 coins, just like the big boys!

Here’s how it works:
You’ve just been dealt 5 cards. What to do? Listen to Poker Brain X! The table on top shows the probable payoff for every possible play. Your best move is highlighted in red.

Don’t be a sap! Play to win! Play Poker Brain X!

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