Poker Boss Tournament Timer

Poker Boss Tournament Timer is just what you need to manage your next home poker tournament or even a large multi-table tournament. A simple and clean interface allows you to easily see the timers at a glance. Both audio and visual alerts can be used to signal the end of a round and an optional 1 minute warning is available. Blinds can be easily edited to accommodate your own blind structure or use the provided blinds to quickly get started.

Automatically saves your customized tournaments for later use. Keeps a record of all buy-ins, rebuys and addons so you know the current total of the prize pool and calculates the payouts for the winners.


– Timers for current round, total elapsed time and time to next break
– Displays small and big blinds (and antes if you use them)
– Shows next blind levels
– Blinds editor to customize the blind structure
– Auto-blinds option to keep adding blind levels
– Add a break after any level
– Saves customized tournaments
– Choice of audio alerts
– Optional visual alerts change the background color with 1 minute left
– Full support for calculating payouts
– Timer runs in the background
– Universal app runs on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
– Supports horizontal and vertical orientation on iPad
– Retina display support


If you like this app, please give it a favorable rating or even better, write a review. If you encounter a problem, contact me through the website and give me a chance to solve it for you.

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