PokeDex The Ultimate Quiz for Pokemon

What is it about?
Pokemon rule the planet! And now its your chance to test how big a fanatic you are of the famous TV, Video Game and Movie Series. Ranging from the starter pokemon to the legendary, pokemon trainers to pokemon leaders, PokeDex has it all.   

        * Different categories
              Choose quizzes from various categories which include:
            –> Movies
            –> Video Games
            –> TV Show
            –> Manga Book
            –> Card Game

        * Over 150 questions
           Solve over 150 questions to gain the title of the Ultimate Pokemon Fan
        * Simple UI
        A simple to use interface, even for those little fans who surely know a lot about Pokemon

        * Time Based
Finish the questions in each category in the limited allotted time. Beware! Wrong answer can take away 5 secs from your timer as well as 1 point from your score

* Rate
Now rate the app from within the application

    Use our feedback feature in the app to contact us directly with all your queries, suggestions and feedback. We love to hear from you.

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