Poke Fish HD

Poke Fish is a simple yet addictive casual game. Mr Justin is a cute fish who lives in the depths of the sea. But it is summertime and he wants to enjoy on the sunny beach. You need to help him on this trip. There is a lot of water between the dark ocean floor and the crashing waves at the surface.
At each tap the fish gets higher upwards the beach. Be agile and don’t get distracted or Mr Justin Fish sinks and you have to all the way again.

During the journey Mr Justin needs to collect stars and treasures inside chests. Stars and treasures are converted to coins that allow you to purchase stuff to help you accomplish missions. You can use coins to purchase other Fish family members: Grandpa Fish, Mrs Selena Fish and Baby Fish.

Poke here, poke there, Poke Fish anywhere.

*** FEATURES ***

✔ Top 3 on Top Free App Store Brazil
✔ More than 300.000 (Android and iOS) players are gifted with this new game version.
✔ New characters: Grandpa Fish, Mrs Selena Fish and Baby Fish.
✔ Manta ray: It avoids Mr Justin sinking.
✔ Octopus away: Tap the tentacles and make them go away.
✔ Jetpack start: Start the game with jetpack.
✔ Levels upgrade: Jetpack and balloon last longer.
✔ Many missions to accomplish.
✔ Game Center


App Store:

★ “Great game!!!”
★ “Wow luv the game sooo fun”
★ “It is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.”
★ “Me my sister love this game we play it day and I think you would love this game to”
★ “Addictive can’t stop playing”


★ “This is a fun game. I totally did not expect to get addicted!! I. Love. It!!! I have a samsung infuse. You won’t regret getting it, honest! Have fun! & don’t forget to post it on FB. My friend did, that’s how I found it. :) byenow!! & yep, you TOTALLY have to keep trying to beat your score. HAHAHAAAA!!!”

★ “Excellence standard fits on my screen perfectly fab game 4 all ages! Have fun getting on2 differnt levels and feel the rush of excitment and anxiety! Samsung galaxy fit< Whhhhoo"
★ "I'm addicted my daughter tells me all the time that I play to much but she also plays so it is good for all ages. Have fun poking the fish."

Amazon Store:

★ "this game is hilarious. u literally poke this thing and try to see how high you can get. its addictive. its like Doodle jump but with a squeaky pitched voiced fish. lol :P"
★ "I really enjoy wasting time with this game. just enough frustration to keep it entertaining! I recommend it to everyone that had a minute to download it! And best of all it is free!!!"
★ "I think that Poke Fish is a fun and addicting.At first I thought it was a hard but the more I played it it got easy and more fun.I recommend poke fish to be one of the best apps."

clearancebinreview.com review:

★ "For those that enjoy those simple, addictive “how far can you get” games, then this is right up your alley. This game is also great for those that use games on your devices to help your youngster’s hand-eye coordination. I’ve got my toddler trying like heck to keep this fish moving. He has no concept of strategy or the goal of the game. Just knows, poke the fish to make him swim. And its pure smiles the whole time."

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