Poké Quiz – For Pokemon

***NOTE: When the Pokemon ‘Nidoran’ appears, to differentiate between the female and male versions, type ‘Nidoran-f’ or ‘Nidoran-m’ respectfully!***

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to prove that your a REAL Pokemon master?

Poké Quiz is a game that will have you hooked for hours testing your Pokemon knowledge! Choose to test yourself on the original 150 Pokemon from Red and Blue versions all the way to Gold, Silver, Ruby, and Sapphire. As the Pokemon are shuffled you will be presented with an image of a Pokemon, your job is to type in the name of that Pokemon as fast as you can because you only have 15 minutes to do so!

– Original 150 Pokemon (Blue and Red versions)
– All 99 Pokemon from Gold and Silver versions
– All 135 Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire versions

If your stuck on a Pokemon dont worry! You can use one hint for each Pokemon per round!

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