Poison Cloud

In Poison Cloud you play as a smart and angry cloud dropping poison to attack a dark and dirty industrial complex that pollutes the sky and keeps your cloudy friends away from being happy.

With the help of power-ups you advance towards the boss and finally get rid of him with a single tap :

– Poison Drop
– Poison Ball
– Smoke Dude
– Flash Dude

But beware ! Your cloud looses height and must not collide with the blocks !

The game contains 40 different levels to explore, full of realtime 2D physics, cute and multi themed graphics and a nice soundtrack.

Master them all, find hidden secrets and collect precious diamonds to gain even more points.

Each level has its own highscore list, so up to three players will have endless fun while competing against each other.

The journey starts easy, but the difficulty level increases while Poison Cloud travels further through many different areas.

Poison Cloud is ideal for a quick game, so there is a chance anywhere and anytime to help clearing up the sky again.

Have fun !

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