Now use the world’s FIRST iPhone or iPod app to count each bounce as you pogo!

Just like a pedometer determines distance for runners, our BOING!-O-METER™ tallies bounces and a WHOLE LOT more for pogo jumpers! Transform your Jumparoo™, Boing!™, or JackHammer™ pogo* from GEOSPACE® into a live-action point-scoring machine.

Keep Track Of Your Bounces!

Measure Max Air Time!

Compete With Your Friends!

Brag On Facebook® or Twitter®!

Works With All GEOSPACE® Pogos!

Tap Start, bounce on your GEOSPACE® pogo stick, and set new world records. Compete with your friends with worldwide leader boards. Track how many times you bounce, your best score and total airtime!

*Pogo stick not included.

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