Pocket WWII

Taking you back to the epic WWII, the new defense game “Pocket WWII”is now available.

September 1, 1939, under cover of nighttime and over 2000 jets, German started a full-scale attack on Poland. These blitzkriegs marked the opening of a world war—WWII.

As a critical turning point for human history, WWII can only be won by a group of talented strategists, and whether ending in peace or slavery it all depends on you!

“Pocket WWII”is a new defense game with a context of WWII. Players can defeat incoming enemy troops by planning and arranging different defense system and weapons. Every enemy soldier you killed can give you coins so thatyou can upgrade your weapons with these coins and even buy better weapons. But when the enemy troops run over your defense line, you would lose the game.

Game features:
1, magnificent and stunning war scenes bring back the history;
2, advanced techniques, 3D character modeling and HQ gas flares give you the real scenes of a war;
3, strictly based on history, thirteen guns are here for your choice;
4, stunning visual effect of powerful special attack
5, helpful tutorial gives you an easy start
6, many achievements wait for you to unlock, including military ranks.

Visit us at: www.90123.com to learn more about Pocket WWII and other SUN GROUND titles such as Wow Fish, Kids Puzzle: Animals, and Kids Puzzle: Transportation.

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