Pocket Windmill – Lite

A Blowable FREE “Pocket Windmill – Lite” app released..

Welcome to “Pocket Windmill – Lite” Experience. The “Pocket Windmill” app will give you a never seen fun and user experience.

– Various Windmills and Backgrounds.
– Rotate the windmill by blowing the mic
– Rotate the windmill by swiping up/down the screen(for iPod Touch 2 users)
– Stop the windmill using stop button.

– Rotate the windmill by blowing the mic or swipe up/down the screen.
– Blowing the mic or just speaking to the windmill to rotate the windmill.
– Stop to touch “||” Icon at the top left
– Close the Scene to touch “X” Icon at the top right.
-To save current situation as a picture, simply do a screen capture by holding down the Home and Power buttons simultaneously.


*** You can also buy a Full Version and Enjoy more ***
*** Just Click “Full Version” ***

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