Pocket Warfare2

A new style game that will make your i-phone, i-pod touch, and i-pad always in your hand.
Pocket Warfare 2 is different than the original tower defense game.

[Previous Pocket Warfare 1 Synopsis]

Save the last tower from the dark power!
One day, a dimension gate suddenly opens and the dark power starts to attack the whole world.
Only in 6 days, 6 of the 7 guardian towers are already destructed by the dark power.
If the last guardian tower is destructed, the base to live is no longer possible to protect.
Stand against this, people and elfs gather to guard the last tower.

[Pocket Warfare 2 Synopsis]

In the previous Pocket Warfare, the tower was taken by the dark power.
The people and elves who had gathered to guard the 7 towers mostly became the dark power or died.

After that, a year has pasted and the few people and elves who were hiding finally regain the lost catapult and ballista after adversity.

The leaders of each guardian tribes had a meeting to make the conclusion that blocking the supply route of the dark power will give a little hope in the already slant war

However, they realize that this war can’t be continued in the condition of so many dead or betrayed and decide to block the supply route by guerilla war.

[Game Features]

– Strategy defense game that is different from Pocket Warfare.
– Various strategic defense game play is possible with a total of 30 maps
– Distinguished game style from other defense
– Various strategic play followed by unit combination and geographical changes

[Game Purpose]

– The player places various units in appropriate positions to prevent enemies to escape to the exit.

[Game Hints]

– Positioning GOLD you have in the way enemies pass is the key point.
– If you run out of GOLD, then position a cleric to gain GOLD.
– Ordinary units occupy 1 space, but towers occupy 2 spaces. Therefore units should be well considered when positioning.
– All units have experience points, so it is easier to level up if more units are positioned.
Units get stronger as they level up.

– Smooth play is possible only if 40MByte memory is available.
* More maps are planned to be continuously updated in the future.

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