Pocket Texas Holdem

★Come enjoy the most luxurious poker app ever!★
Pocket Texas Hold’em is a multiplayer online Texas Hold’em game for iPhone with sophisticated graphics and a user-friendly interface. Feel the thrill of being a high-roller in a Las Vegas VIP room!

Just reach into your pocket to play this fast, convenient, and fun game with players around the world!
Carry your own pocket table and play poker live, now!
Join now and receive $3,000 in chips for FREE!

✓ Free chips daily!
✓ Simple, easy to navigate 3D interface
✓ Create your own private poker room
✓ Many ways to build you stack of chips, including winning games and completing achievements.
✓ Up to 9 players per table
✓ Add poker buddies mid game
✓ Invite friends
✓ Awesome graphics and sounds.
✓ Send gifts in game
✓ Three different types of ranking: Friend, Country, and World
✓ Purchase chips and items in game
✓ 39 missions
✓ Regularly updated seasonal events
✓ Animated emoticons
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