Pocket Games: Fireman


RETRO POCKET™ brings back the nostalgia with these retro throwbacks to the early days of handheld gaming!

Based on the classic LCD toy line from the likes of Nintendo and Tiger Electronics, these games take you back to when gaming was portable, simple, wickedly entertaining and hard!

Walk down memory lane with Jack, the everyday man, and his family on their crazy adventures as they travel the globe, one RETRO POCKET™ game at a time.
Choose from 8 different games including, Fireman, Egg Drop, Kung Fu, Watch Your Head, Candy Factory, Fuel Drop, Postman and Escape from Whale.

* Gaming in its purest form – simple, addictive, endless and fun!
* A faithful recreation of vintage handheld technology using ‘pre-printed graphics’. What you see if what you get!
* Game Modes A & B – Just like the originals, there are 2 variations to each game, with B Modes being a bit tougher.
* Original chip-tune soundtrack!

Put out the fire and rescue the people inside the building!

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