Pocket Burraco

The real Buraco finally on your iphone and ipad!
Pocket Buraco is the new software to play Buraco: play 1p or 2p games against a sophisticated AI, which poses a challenge even to the most skilled buraco-players.
Pocket Buraco fully exploits the features of the IOS system and the smartphone modern technologies: the graphic is nice and very detailed. The cards are small-sized in order not to cover the whole screen, but remain visible even with a lot of Runs on the table, while the animations are smooth and captivating.
You can see the quality of the game already in the intro: the game logo is displayed over a green table, with a nice, never-boring music loop. During the game, the music is replaced by realistic sound effects of the cards being shuffled, played and so on. At the end, depending on the game result, a loud choir of voices will cheer you (if you win), or will be disappointed (if you lose – and playing Pocket Buraco, you will lose more than once against the CPU!)
The touchscreen features are well implemented, thus making selecting cards, laying a Run (or adding cards to it) easy and fun. The game interface is very user-friendly, but should you have any problem, you can always rely on the detailed tutorial. A number of options complete the game: you can choose the score needed to end a game (1005 or 2005 points), the number of hands in a game (1, 3 or 5), the difficulty level (Easy, Medium, Hard) and much more.
However, the major feature of the game is the AI, which – especially on Hard level, will pose a real challenge to even the most skilled Buraco players. No more CPU adversaries which discard wildcards, or never draw from the discard pile: it’s just like playing against a real human; this is even more true when playing 2 vs. 2 games – you’ll be surprised by the ability level of both you partner and your adversaries.
Try Pocket Buraco: the game of Buraco in your hand, always!
– challenging AI with 3 difficulty levels to test your Buraco skills
– high-quality graphics and audio
– easy-to-use, engaging gameplay

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