Pocket Bomb


Unfortunately, my buddy and I are only a circle and a square. We can’t move on our own! We need YOUR help! Use bombs to blast us around each level, collecting stars as you go! Be careful though, as the levels advance, they get harder. This means that our well-being is at stake. You’re the commander! Help us collect all the stars and beat all the levels!


-Retina Graphics: The beautiful graphics will look GREAT on your screen!

-Optimized for iPhone 5

-60 Unique Levels: Diverse levels challenging your mind!

-3 Worlds: New obstacles in each world!

-Cute Characters: Take a look for yourself, you’ll agree!


Next time you need some time to burn, pull out your iPhone, and play Pocket Bomb! You will be entertained for hours!

**Note** This game is optimized for the iPhone 5 (4 inch screen devices). On older devices, there will be bars at the top and bottom of the screen.