Pocket Aliens

Episode 5: Faster, Higher, Stronger!

Compete with your friends!
Earn new Achievements!
Change the time of day on the planet!


Is there life beyond Earth? Are we alone in the universe? These questions concern all the people on earth! Play the Pocket Aliens game to find answers to all these questions!

The Pocket Aliens game offers you an incredible journey through the universe! Together with the aliens, you will explore the planet Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Earth, and Pandora! You will experience zero gravity in outer space! You will visit all the interesting places in our galaxy and see things no one has ever seen! You will also learn about all the aliens’ high technologies and be able to try them!

Pocket Aliens is a new game with a lot of episodes! Each new episode offers new opportunities, new mini-games, and new discoveries. The latest released episode includes all the features from previous releases!


Episode 1: Welcome to the Galaxy
Episode 2: Force of Gravity
Episode 3: Don’t Get Fried Up!
Episode 4: Martian Valley or Minigame #1
Episode 5: Faster, Higher, Stronger!
Next Episode: Planet Pandora


Our game is constantly developing based on our users’ suggestions! What things would you like to see in the game? We need your feedback!

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