When that point was suddenly chess on the go, “Oh no! No chess board and pieces!” It Teiu What for?
But iPhone, iPod touch apps and this is fine if, Shogi with anyone anywhere.

“SHOGI-BAN” with the COM does not match game of chess to point to the man against man is an application to replace the board and chess pieces.

– Hirate a handicap, nose down, down the corner, down rook,
Rook nose down, down two, down four, fell 6
You can choose from.

– You can set an unlimited time available ~ 2 hours.

– Using motion sensors function “swing bridge” in
You can determine the moving second initiative.

Even if you quit the application – in the middle of a game
Phase can be restarted from the suspended game.

Records can be stored in the body – more than the end, after viewing
Can be.

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