Plumber's Nightmare

You are in a puzzle of twisty little pipes, all alike!

You have been given the arduous task of connecting all of the pipes to complete a circuit without end. They start off easy, but become a real nightmare!

The puzzle is simple to play: Touch a pipe to turn it!
Red valves are used to close off the end of a pipe.
When all the pipes are connected, the level is complete.

The game is designed to let you play at your leisure. Play for a few minutes, and continue back where you left off. Great for those bathroom breaks when there is nothing else to do.

There are three levels of difficulty with more than twenty levels each. When you complete a level, the next one is unlocked. Try to solve them all!

We are never satisfied with those boring computer generated puzzles, so we took on the arduous task of creating each level by hand.

Some levels have certain themes, like all cross pipes, all three way pipes, or all twists. Some have one large pipe connected from one end to the other.

And the hard ones? Well… let’s just say I drink too much caffeine!

We are releasing a lite version soon with all of the easy levels. We are also going to add achievements and Game Center support.

Invasive Bamboo is committed to adding new levels as we get them completed. We listen to your feedback!

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