Plight of the Zombie

Offers in-app purchases ($0.99 - $9.99) Universal Rating: 9+

Plight of the Zombie is a game from Spark Plug Games, LLC, originally released 1st August, 2012


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Plight of the Zombie Review

Meet Craig. All Craig wanted during the zombie apocalypse was something to eat. But what he got, after failing to look both ways before crossing the street to his nearest burger joing, was hit by a speeding Mack truck.

They say you can’t take it with you, but Craig took one thing with him to the grave– his appetite. Now a brand-new member of the Z-crew, Zombie Craig is out to sate his hunger– not with burgers, but with the soft pink goodness of human brains.

That’s where you come in. As the game starts up, you’re given a few stats about Craig: He’s a Sagittarius, had a goldfish named “Tony,” loves Rocky IV, and most importantly of all, he can make new zombie friends by simply touching other members of the living. “Now wait a minute,” you say. “He’s a zombie and he wants brains; why isn’t he eating theirs?”

There and back again.

Well, Plight of the Zombie gets around that whole devouring-of-flesh thing by instead making brains the token pick-up items along your journey. There are three per level, though your primary objective is to convert all the humans to your side. Once you’ve done that, the level is over, regardless of how many brains you’ve left lying around. Incidentally, you’ll want to gather as many of these brains as you can to not only feed Craig, but also to acquire Brain Bucks– the in-game currency which allows you to purchase all sorts of fun items to dress Craig up, from sheriff’s hats to crowns to hatchets, each with their own amusing description. You can purchase Brain Bucks with real-world money if you wish, but fortunately, it’s easy enough to accumulate in-game.

As for the actual gameplay, it’s simple: You draw a line from Craig around walls and through light obstacles to the brains and humans lurking in the area. Better still, when there is more than one human in the area, you can take control of them as well, just like Craig. This is particularly handy when dealing with some humans who are better-prepared for the zombie apocalypse, and come toting flashlights and shotguns. Ideally, you try to sneak around and get them when they aren’t looking, but in one memorable instance of a human with a stern gaze on the only entrance and a very large ammo clip, you have to try to use the combined forces of all your many zombies to overrun him and convert him to your side.

If the humans are giving you too much trouble, though, don’t worry; in addition to fancy clothing, you can also purchase “Invincizombie” power-ups from the shop, good for clearing one level of the game.

The undead look is totally in this year.

Additional level packs are available (including an “Expert” pack),featuring new sections of town and new humans to deal with, each with their own quirks. Better still is that they’re free, though you unfortunately do not get them with the download at the time of this writing. The bigger downside to not being included is that they can really slow down the game while you’re downloading them. In fact, the biggest problem with the game comes from the borderline excruciating load times when you’re trying to start the game, go to the next level, or even simply reload the level you just finished/were killed in.

Plight of the Zombie is a fun game when you’re not worrying about the loading, and is incredibly simple to play while still providing a bit of a challenge along the way.