playful peas

《贪玩的豌豆》Playful Peas:★★★★★经典跳跃休闲小游戏★★★★★Casual Jumping Game


… , 赶快步入豌豆的世界吧,看看你要即将发生的传奇故事!


☛ 夏天的玩法是:当豌豆公仔进入夏天的玩法页面时,随着跳跃高度的增加,天气会越来越热,你必须要找到消除热量的冰块饮料才能继续往上跳,你若捡到钥匙的话,还能开启带-

☛ 冬天的玩法是:你若要进入冬天去挑战你的跳跃高度的话,需要从夏天的石门进入,随着跳跃高度的增加,天气会越来越冷,你必须要找到取暖的棉手套和木房子,增加热量才能-

☛ 情人谷的玩法是:当你进入情人谷时,你的任务是要去寻找你的另一半情侣,会得到双倍的积分,同时情人谷包含了宝石谷捡宝石金币的超爽玩法,和你的情侣一起去征服世界吧-

★★★★★This classic mini jumping casual game★★★★★, with the recommended feature of your favorite music, is a wonderful companion when passing your time fragments. The recommended music feature is an original and exclusive type of casual game play developed by DODOsmart – you can listen to your favorite music while playing games! But remember, you need to pick up the violin before you can enjoy this novel feature!

The pea doll, the main character in the game, is a lively and lovely baby who constantly challenges himself/herself by jumping over height limits. Actually, the pea doll resembles the real you, whose biggest enemy in life is not other hostile people but yourself. Like the pea doll, you need to constantly challenge yourself, dig out your potential and adopt a positive attitude to face difficulties, overcome them, and excel yourself. On the journey of life, you need to constantly set new goals for yourself and achieve one goal after another with a sunny mentality … Don’t hesitate to enter the world of peas and experience your own legendary stories now!

The upcoming upgrade of “Playful peas” will incorporate more exciting types of game play, including winter and summer seasons, picking up gems and gold coins, and the Valley of Love!

☛ The rules of the summer type are as follows: When the pea doll visits the summer type page, as the jump height increases, the weather will be hotter and hotter, so you need to find ice cubes and drinks to alleviate the heat before continuing to jump up. If you are lucky enough to pick up the key, you can open the locked stone gate and enter the Valley of Gems, where you can pick up more gold coins and precious gems. In this way you will not only get more jump props, but you can also experience the exhilarating feeling of picking up treasures and making a big fortune in the game world!

☛ The rules of the winter type are as follows: If you want to challenge your jump height limit with the winter type, you need to pass through the stone gate with the summer type, and as the jump height increases, the weather gets colder and colder, so you need to find warm cotton gloves and wooden houses to increase the heat before continuing to jump up. If you are lucky enough to pick up the key, you can also enter the Valley of Gems where you can pick up more gold coins and precious stones, experiencing the super pleasant feeling of making a big fortune!

☛ The rules of the type of the Valley of Love are as follows: When you enter the Valley of Love, your task is to find your other half, with whom you can earn double points. The Valley of Love also includes the above marvelous type of game play and you can pick up gems and gold coins in the Valley of Gems. Set out to conquer the world with your sweetheart now!☛☛☛☛☛☛☛

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