PLAYBOY Spots – Playmates Inspector

★ Pamela Anderson photo pack is FREE for a limited period of time! SPECIAL OFFER ★

PLAYBOY Spots is an exciting new version of the ‘Spot the difference’ game!

Spot the differences between a pair of photographs of the most beautiful playmates and PLAYBOY collectors images. There are hundreds of pictures to play with in 3 different play modes. Fun, brain teasing, challenging, and most of all: pleasurable!

★ 3 play modes : Survival, Challenge and Practice for all kinds of players!
★ Hundreds of beautiful 100% PLAYBOY Playmates with monthly updates!
★ World leaderboard via Game Center and local scores on your handset
★ Push notifications to check out the latest game and PLAYBOY news!
★ Share your scores on Facebook and Twitter!
★ This application is optimized also for iPhone Retina Display and gives you the highest quality rendering of pictures!
★ iPhone 3/3GS and iPhone 4 compatibility. iPod Touch and iPad iOS 4.0 and later compatibility!

A game co-produced by 1633SA & Chugulu Games and developed by Chugulu Games.

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For all requests please go to the Help section within the app by clicking the (i) button.

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