Play with the ARABIC words

Play with letters and create your words

This application is ideal for children from 2 to 7 years old. The goal is to learn letters and to associate them to form words in a very playful and educational way. The color codes help the kids to memorize the alphabet quickly while having fun. The game develops also three essential senses of the child: the touch, the view, the hearing.

Detailed description:
Three levels of difficulty allow the children to progress gradually. The first level, for the youngest, with short words, does train kids to recognize the right letter and to put it in the right place. The second level has longer words. In the third level the child has to build the words himself.

If a letter is not put at the right place it will return to its initial position.
A return button is at the top of every interface to return to the menu of levels choices.
As soon as the word is correct, two buttons show up: sound button and next button, and a sound track will start automatically to congratulate the child.
Second reading of the word gets activated by sound button. Going to the following word gets activated by next button.
If the child does successfully complete a level, an applause and congratulations message appears for recognition. Because he is being recognized in a fun manner, the child feels like going to the next level.

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