Play God – Don't get addicted

Play God is a game mode from Caper. Now caper is for 0.99 with three modes save 2.99$ today. Buy Caper.

The only game on appstore in which you control the environment and not the character. No ‘wait’, no ‘watch’, just command and demand. Experience how it feels like being the God.

Play God, a breath-taking blood-curdling experience, is a free-jumping game. Here you are the creator and destroyer.
Control, touch-drag or tilt the device and move the environment to let the player land; all according to your whims and fancy. And ya, do demolish whatever obscures your glow of glory.
To satisfy your hunger for fun and frolic Play God offers 3D environment, Openfeint Integration and loopy music.
So obey your own rules. Either keep the player alive and roll the score or reach the end and snatch the crown.

Play God is one of the modes from the original game Caper 3in1.

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