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- Create up to 4 customised deck of cards from your own Photo Library combines with 5 different masking options and centered crop size and use them to play later in the game.

– Play standalone game or play with any one over internet. Or simply create your own match and invite your friends in.

– The Leaderboard points will count the winning turns you’ve got for each game.

– The avatar will also now display Game Center’s player image (iOS5.0+ only)

You’ll find these card games an enjoying experience whether playing standalone game with another 3 computer players or playing a network game with your friends and/or computers (required local wifi network or bluetooth connection).

– Three bundled different card decks to play with
– Up to four custom deck of cards you can create using your own Photo Library images combines with five different masking options and centered crop size.
– Standalone and Multi players mode over bluetooth / local wifi network
– Standalone state saving
– Six card games to play with

+ Big 2 Game : Find out who can finish out all their cards in hand first to become King, Queen, People or Servant. Next turn, King will decide if he want to exchange a card with Servant or take a lead turn.

+ Heart Game : A famous Heart game, Who gonna have the maximum score when one of the player reach the minus threshold level, say -500?

+ Friend Game : Bidding the score you think you could do along with pick a card that represent your friend, then you and friend help each other to achieve that bidded score?

+ 3 Piles Game : Using your strategy to divide cards into three piles — first (3), second (5) and third (5), then each pile will be fighting against the same piles from other players.

+ Poker : Normal Poker rules. Follow, raise or fold depending on your situation.

+ Tractor: Team up with the opposite position player using 2decks of cards.

*** Credit: *** for these card deck images especially from uploader nicubunu for cat images I used in first deck

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