Play 99

**** Optimized for iOS 6 and iPhone 5 ****

Play 99 and compete against your friends on Game Center to see who is the smartest.

Play 99 is a fun board and cards game that you can play with your friends.

The rules of 99 are simple:

1- there are 36 cards,
2- your cards and score are at the bottom of the table
3- Your opponent’s cards and score are at the top of the table
4- you always play the lines and your opponent plays the columns,
5- your score is the result of your best line
6- your opponent’s score is the result of the best column
7- you get 0 points for lines over 99 or below 0
8- you win if your best line is over 95
9- you get a bonus if you get 99
10- the game ends if:
a. someone wins
b. all 36 cards are played
c. none of the remaining cards can be played

Before playing with the big guys online, you can train in the single player mode.

If you do good you will get more coins, more achievements and world fame through Game Center.

You are encouraged to send us your feedback using our web site, our support address or from within the app.

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