Plants vs. Zombies 2

Offers in-app purchases ($1.99 - $9.99) Universal Game Center Rating: 9+

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a game from PopCap, originally released 14th August, 2013


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Plants vs Zombies 2 Updates With ’80s Goodness

The ’80s are large and in charge in Plants vs Zombies 2. Pull up your leg-warmers and tease your hair.

What’s New in Version 3.9.1
Get into the groove with Neon Mixtape Tour, Side A, and mix it up on the dance floor with Party DJ! You’ll chill out with sweet slow jams or speed things up with righteous rhythms, and prepare your plants as Punk Zombie, Glitter Zombie, and MC Zom-B move to the beat. Also included:

16 totally fresh levels
3 radical new plants – Phat Beet, Thyme Warp, and Celery Stalker
Plus, the sharp-shooting Cactus


Plants vs Zombies 2 Updates With Summer Nights Content

Ah, warm summer nights. Fireworks, beachside grilling parties, and the moans of the tortured undead. You can experience some of these things in the latest update for Plants vs Zombies 2.

What’s New in Version 3.8.1
Summer Nights are here and the un-living is easy. Celebrate with hot backyard parties through August 13, plus:

• Special-edition plant Strawburst – jamming for a limited time
• 7 summer-ready zombies, including Hot Dog Imp
• Explosive firework piñatas
• 5 fresh collectible costumes
• Summertime Vasebreaker mode – sparklers with every smash
• New repeatable Quests for Wild West, Far Future and Dark Ages


Plants vs Zombies 2 Updates With Lost City Part 2

With a name like “Lost City,” you can count on staying around for a while. So, unsurprisingly, there’s more Lost City exploration going on with the latest update for Plants vs Zombies 2.

What’s New in Version 3.7.1
Keep exploring in Lost City Part 2! Unfold more gold with Gold Leaf in 16 new levels and survive an airborne Zomboss encounter, complete with booby traps. The full update includes:

• 3 new zombies – watch out for Relic Hunter
• 3 fresh plants, like toad-ally awesome Toadstool
• Temple of Bloom Endless Zone
• Repeatable Travel Log Quests – increase your rank with re-imagined levels and new ways to play


Plants vs Zombies 2 Updates With Lost City

Plants vs Zombies 2 recently updated with a new level package: “Lost City Part 1.” It contains 16 new levels, a bunch of new zombie species, and good times underground.

What’s New in Version 3.6.2
Uncover Lost City Part 1! Journey deep into the jungle and discover 16 gilded levels. Explore new features like sun-producing Gold Tiles and get in the game even faster. The full update includes:

• 10 new zombies, including Excavator Zombie and the buzzing Zombug
• 4 tropical plants, like hot-headed Lava Guava
• Exciting and even more challenging Travel Log Quests

News via Touch Arcade:

Get Free Stuff in Plants vs. Zombies 2

It’s hard to believe, but the original Plants vs. Zombies launched in 2009, quickly securing its place as a classic “flower defense” game. To celebrate, you can get free stuff in PvZ 2. From Touch Arcade:

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo and the franchise’s birthday, EA Mobile is featuring a “10 Day Birthdayz” event in Plants vs. Zombies 2 that will offer plenty of collectibles and gems. Players will be able to work to unlock guaranteed gems with every win as well as get five limited time collectible costumes for their plants: Kernel-pult’s blowout, cupcakes for Snapdragon’s head, bow ties for Bonk Choy, and party hats for Cabbage-pult and Lightning Reed. All players will also receive a free World key as part of the birthday celebration. If you’re still enjoying killing zombies, go celebrate and harvest those rewards.

Via Touch Arcade

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Review

If any other game on the planet came close to matching the sheer juggernaut power of Angry Birds, it’s Plants vs. Zombies. Yet, while Angry Birds has unleashed a seemingly endless number of sequels, PopCap Games has seen fit to simply release PvZ on every platform available and focus on adding tons of new content over the years. Thankfully, the wait for an actual sequel is finally over.

Slyly subtitled, “It’s About Time”, Plants vs. Zombies 2 isn’t exactly a revolution in anti-zombie gardening tactics. The game largely plays identically to the original and is a firm proponent of the “if it ain’t broke…” philosophy of design. Admittedly, I’m not complaining. PvZ2 has all the great qualities that made the original so much fun and it’s sure to be a classic.

There are a couple significant changes in the overall set-up. First and foremost, the game is completely free to play, with the option for in-game purchases. As worried as we were about inflicting the dreaded “freemium” model on one of our favorite games, PopCap clearly gave the implementation a lot of thought. Players can get through the whole game with virtually every plant without dropping a dime.


Hasty players can spend real cash to instantly unlock plants and all levels, or get in-game currency. We never felt cheated by not buying anything and it’s a model we hope more games will adopt. Beyond that, the most obvious change is the move away from the suburbs and back into time. The game takes place across three time zones—Ancient Egypt, the old west, and the time of pirates. Each world is presented with a world map (another major change) and has around 50 or so levels each, including branching paths and bonus levels.

Admittedly, the game currently lacks the sheer amount of variety and levels of the original, but we have no doubt that PopCap will be hard at work making the game even beefier than it already is. There are some great new plants and power-ups this time around. Chain lightning, freeze bomb, and other new plants await zombie hunters. Plant food power-ups are a new addition as well. Feeding a plant this special mix results in a temporary boost of power, such as a massive chain gun attack from the pea shooter or a sudden explosion of sun drops from a sunflower.

There are also new player-controlled super moves, such as the ability to squish or throw zombies with finger gestures. These moves cost in-game currency and are expensive, but are so overpowered that they can cause a complete turnaround in a losing battle. Such special moves are fun, if a bit cheap, but hardly necessary in normal play.


Finally and as expected, the game has undergone a graphics overhaul. The great sense of humor is heightened by better animation and more detailed, yet still cartoonish graphics. The soundtrack is instantly familiar to fans of course, and the whole package is terrifically presented.

PopCap has created a fine sequel and an impressive model for free games to follow. They certainly haven’t reinvented the wheel here, but there’s plenty of levels included (and more on the way), tons of plants and enemies, and loads of fun to be had. Better yet, it’s likely that only impatient gamers will feel much need to spend real money.

Game of the Month, July 2013: Plants Vs. Zombies 2

Putting all of July’s Must Have games together in a list made me realize that July 2013 was one of the biggest months in the history of iOS gaming. An unbelievable number of great titles hit the App Store, including ports (Limbo, Sine Mora), remakes (Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded, Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame), new installments in established series (Layton Brothers Mystery Room, Magic 2014), and new titles entirely (Bloodmasque, Kamikaze Pigs). But there can be only one Game of the Month, and this month it’s Plants Vs. Zombies 2.


Plants Vs. Zombies 2 is currently only available in New Zealand and Australia, but it will creep over to the rest of the world in due course. When we first heard the game was going free-to-play, we were nervous the freemium aspects of the game would ruin the fun. We didn’t need to worry. The new pricing model has made it accessible to all gamers, and it hasn’t curbed the fun of the gameplay one bit.

This gorgeous sequel brings players through a smattering of environments based in different time periods. You’ll ward off the undead in ancient Egypt, the Old West, and on pirate-infested seas. The game is packed with new plants, new enemies, and new power-ups. It even has gesture-based super moves that deal ridiculous amounts of damage to the zombie walkers. The game has tons of content already, and more is presumably in the works. All that, and you don’t have to spend a dime.

Our runner-up for Game of the Month is Deus Ex: The Fall. This is a full-fledged prequel to last year’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution, so expect stealthy action, a meaty story, deep character customization, and multiple ways to get through levels. Square Enix has also done a terrific job of paring down the complex controls so they work on the touchscreen. Any way you slice it, this game’s a winner.

Congratulation to PopCap and Square Enix for making our two favorite games in a month packed with great games. Also be sure to check out our other Must Have titles for July, including Delta-V Racing, Bloodmasque, Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame, Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded, Sine Mora, Sky Gamblers: Cold War, Kamikaze Pigs, Tiny Thief, Hero of Many, Siegecraft TD, Magic 2014, Limbo, and Layton Brothers Mystery Room.